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Simon Fava and Gregor Salto team up with none other than Sergio Mendes for Magalenha ! This exotic tune is rhythmic and highly driven by its energetic...

† Wade Robson and Mia Michaels were joint-winners along with Rob Marshall and John Deluca from Tony Bennett: An American Classic .

Backstory : The two musicians co-wrote and composed the album Clube Da Esquina that featured various Brazilian artists and became an iconic record. "Paisagem Da Janela" was one of the most popular singles, which would go on to be re-recorded many times over.

^7 As Ferguson injured himself performing in the first Judge's Pick routine, the noted subsequent routines were shown pre-recorded rather than newly performed live.

Sérgio Mendes - MagalenhaSérgio Mendes - MagalenhaSérgio Mendes - MagalenhaSérgio Mendes - Magalenha