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We have developed a unique proprietary detection strategy called the Genomic Morse Code (GMC) for comprehensive analysis and physical mapping of target regions on stretched DNA.

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Even though lately people have become more and more focused on protein and it’s true it is crucial to the human body, the truth is that the average person already eats enough foods that contain protein on a regular basis without needing additional protein bars.

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This study compares the effect of a daily gauze dressing with that of a lipidocolloid dressing on the time taken to make up the dressing and efficacy of the management of traumatic digital wounds. This is a randomized controlled trial of 28 patients (16 experimental and 12 control) with injuries to their fingers and loss of tissue. The patients in the experimental and control groups were given a lipido-colloid dressing and a daily gauze dressing, respectively. The patient’s wounds were assessed in terms of the size of the wound and the time it took for the wound to heal. The findings showed that patients in the experimental group had a faster recovery time from the healing of their wound than the control group ( p =.024). The findings can help to establish an evidence-based practice in the management of traumatic digital wounds in clinical settings.

Laboratoires Technique - Vitamin ALaboratoires Technique - Vitamin ALaboratoires Technique - Vitamin ALaboratoires Technique - Vitamin A