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Having a different daily challenge to earn rewards in the Zero Chill program is another fun change from the typical card series release. Instead of having a set number of challenges, you have one challenge that rotates and keeps players coming back for the duration of Zero Chill. Once the dust settles on this program and feedback comes in, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this implemented more in future card series programs.

Could be that I was there as a ‘spectator’, even though ‘Zero Positives’ didn’t perform. I was fairly good friends with Bruno by then and it was the first concert they organised…

Every real number other than zero is either positive or negative. The positive whole numbers are referred to as natural numbers , while the positive and negative whole numbers (together with zero) are referred to as integers .

Zero Positives - Last ContributionZero Positives - Last ContributionZero Positives - Last ContributionZero Positives - Last Contribution